Recipient of a 2018 Los Angeles Conservancy Preservation Award, the Streamline Moderne former Gilmore Gas Station was comprehensively rehabilitated and creatively reimagined as a drive-through and walk-up coffee shop for the Melrose neighborhood in Hollywood. 

Chattel, Inc. worked with Starbucks, Valerio, Inc. and a team of specialists to develop a rehabilitation plan that brought this beloved neighborhood landmark back to life in conformance with the Secretary's Standards. The project required remedial environmental cleanup, repair and reconstruction of historic materials, such as the cantilevered canopies, removal and replacement of incompatible alterations, and transformation of windows and doors to service counters. Spectra Company performed critical rehabilitation and reconstruction work. The sensitive adaptive reuse of the Gilmore Gas Station has revitalized this important Historic-Cultural Monument as a newly imagined "fuel" station.

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