Robert Chattel Named CHS Board President

We're pleased to announce that as of July 1, 2012 Robert Chattel is now President of the Board of Trustees for California Historical Society (CHS).  Founded in 1871, CHS was designated the official California State Historical Society in 1979.  CHS is a membership-based, non-profit organization that inspires and empowers Californians to make the past a meaningful part of their contemporary lives.  Headquartered in San Francisco with a library, gallery and offices at 678 Mission Street, CHS has one of most significant collections of California history.  In Los Angeles, CHS maintains an incomparable photograph collection at the University of Southern California and a remarkable fine art and costume collection at the Autry National Center.

Kathy Kloves, Robert Chattel and Stacey Mickell at Breed Street Shul on June 24th
Robert has been actively involved in management of the non-profit organization for several years, serving on the Board of Trustees and as chair of the Facilities Committee.  More recently he participated in improvements to the Mission Street facility that heralded the opening of the stunning exhibition, A Wild Flight of the Imagination: The Story of the Golden Gate Bridge honoring the 75th anniversary of the bridge and is open through October 14, 2012.  The exterior of the building was repainted the exact International Orange hue of the bridge with paint supplied by Sherwin Williams. As part of the exhibit, CHS published its first eBook sponsored by UnitedHealthcare Northern California as a companion piece to the exhibit, available for free download on iTunes.

Click here to visit the CHS web page and get the free ebook!