Mills Act Pre-Approval Workshop 2016

The purpose of my bill is to provide an incentive to restoring and maintaining points of historical interest in California
— James Mills, 1977


Last Tuesday evening, Chattel, Inc. conducted the Mills Act Pre-Approval workshop to assist applicants in understanding the priority consideration criteria, stated contract goals and rehabilitation scopes of work.  

Held at Barnsdall Park, this informational workshop was held for owners of historic homes in Los Angeles, who applied and qualify for the Mills Act, a bill introduced in part as a means to persuade property owners to preserve their historic structures.

Chattel employees check in and assist applicants before the workshop. 

Speakers from the City of Los Angeles Office of Historic Resources, Chattel, Inc. and the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office spoke on the specificities of the Mills Act Program, including the application, inspection and valuation process. 

Several questions from the applicants were answered by the panel, as well as one-on-one after the workshop concluded. 

Working with the community in fielding their questions about their historic homes is one of the many reasons we love historic preservation!!