Two Tales of Striking Black Gold

"Eureka! Two Tales of Striking Black Gold: From attendants pumping gas to baristas serving coffee" was the title of Robert Chattel's Three Minute Success Story presentation at the 40th California Preservation Conference. The rousing evening at the former Naval Training Center in San Diego had a Bob Hope-theme and featured indomitable host Tim Brandt in several roles including that of Phyllis Diller in a Mondrian inspired dress (woo hoo!). Costumed as a Gilmore Gas Station attendant, Robert presented the first black gold strike by AF Gilmore in 1905, when he struck oil while drilling for water on his nearby dairy farm; the second black gold strike by Starbucks occurred in 1971, when it opened the first store across from Pike Place Market in Seattle. On March 29, 2015, the Starbucks store at Highland and Willoughby in Hollywood opened to thunderous applause in social media. According to the rare press release for a single store opening, "Starbucks real estate and design teams are always looking for unique locations that connect us to the past...Sometimes we stumble on a gem like this one, and are honored to get the chance to bring it back to life." Kudos to the team and lattes all around!!!