Whittier Residential Survey
Whittier, California

Chattel worked with LSA Associates to prepare a historic context statement focusing on architectural contexts and themes connected with residential development in the City of Whittier (City). An intensive-level field survey was completed based on previous work by others. Research and field survey revealed that while Whittier’s architectural history has some unique elements, it generally reflects regional architectural trends. The work was prepared in close coordination with the staff and the Historic Resources Commission, and ultimately lead to City Council acceptance of survey results and concurrent local designation of the eligible properties.

Chattel field surveyed approximately 1,540 properties generally constructed prior to 1941. A Microsoft Access database incorporating GIS mapping was used to collect survey data in the field. The goal of creating historic context statements and conducting field surveys was to identify and gather data to evaluate the eligibility of properties for potential historic resource designation. This allowed the City of Whittier to focus its planning efforts on preserving those buildings and districts that best illustrate its unique architectural character, while allowing for appropriate development.