SurveyLA Industrial Historic Context Statement
Los Angeles, California

Chattel and LSA Associates (LSA) were hired by the City of Los Angeles (City) office of Historic Resources (OHR) to complete the Industrial Historic Context Statement for SurveyLA, which is comprised of a reconnaissance-level survey focusing on citywide industrial development. SurveyLA is a comprehensive survey program maintained by OHR to identify and document significant historic resources, including the development of citywide historic context statements. The Industrial Historic Context Statement followed a specific methodology and format adapted for the SurveyLA project’s custom database, and informed the final phase of SurveyLA fieldwork.

Chattel worked in coordination with LSA, Chattel conducted a reconnaissance-level survey of industrial areas throughout the Los Angeles to develop and contextualize a list of industrial themes that have affected the built environment of the City. Chattel performed background research for each theme and suggested changes to the historic resource list to best reflect the industrial narratives of the built city and guide future historic resource identification. Ultimately, Chattel produced an extensive narrative context to situate these themes historically and describe their representation in Los Angeles’ built environment.