Sun Tech Townhomes
Santa Monica, California

The Sun Tech Townhomes were constructed in 1981 and designed by Urban Forms Organization, a group of recent SCI-ARC graduates. The 18-unit condominium complex was designated as a City of Santa Monica Landmark in 2017 as symbol of development of the city, a resource of aesthetic value, and an exemplar of southern California Postmodern architecture. Chattel was brought in by the homeowners association shortly after the Landmark designation to prepare an application for a Mills Act contract.

Through site visits and inspection of interior and exterior conditions, drainage issues and other deferred maintenance were identified that had potential to cause significant damage to historic materials and compromise architectural integrity. Chattel developed a scope of work to address initial rehabilitation, restoration, and maintenance needs of the property, prioritizing the most urgent treatments clearly. The architectural report summarized these site visits, inspections, and recommendations to create a thorough Rehabilitation and Maintenance Plan, consistent with the Secretary’s Standards. Chattel representatives also attended HOA meetings, described a list of tasks for future work, answered homeowners questions and guided them through the application process. The Sun Tech Townhomes Mills Act contract was the first such contract executed with an HOA in Santa Monica.

The Sun Tech Townhomes Owners Association and Chattel received a Santa Monica Conservancy Preservation Award in the category of Stewardship in 2018.