Visit to Chateau Elysee in Beachwood Canyon, Home of the Scientology Celebrity Centre

Chattel recently had the pleasure of the behind-the-scenes-tour of the stunning Chateau Elysee.  Nestled in the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood just north of Hollywood, the Chateau Elysee was constructed as a hotel-apartment c. 1927.  Designed by the firm of Arthur E. Harvey for Eleanor Ince, the widow of silent filmmaker Thomas Ince, and reflecting the development boom of Hollywood at that time, Chateau Elysee originally served as a long-stay hotel and apartment building frequently associated with celebrity visits.  It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and as Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument no. 329.
Chateau Elysee
Chattel staff pose on Chateau roof
Detail of roof material, terra cotta tile glazed to look like weathered wood shingles
Threatened with demolition in the 1970s, the Chateau was purchased by the Church of Scientology and has since served purposes of the Church as the Scientology Celebrity Center.  It includes hotel facilities for traveling Scientologists, along with a restaurant, various meeting rooms and lushly landscaped grounds.  As part of the tour, Chattel learned details of the building's rehabilitation and ongoing restoration and maintenance work.

View of Chateau grounds showing restaurant at right
View of Chatueau grounds

View of Chateau grounds looking toward meeting center
Inside the Chateau: Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard's former study
Chattel staff enjoy a tour of select Chatueu hotel rooms
Following their tour of the Scientology Celebrity Centre, Chattel staff traveled a few blocks north to take in the nearby Hollywoodland development in Beachwood Canyon.  Created in tandem with the iconic "Hollywood" sign (originially reading "Hollywoodland"), the Hollywoodland development was originally designed in the 1920s as an eclectic grouping of period revival residences.
A view of the Hollywood sign from Beachwood Canyon

Chattel staff enjoy the unique architecture of the 1950s John Lautner-designed Beachwood Market in Beachwood Canyon

Historic Photo of Hollywoodland, looking north and showing original granite entrance gate (The Story of Hollywoodland, BL Press, 1992, cover)
Chattel staff pose in the original granite entrance gate to the Hollywoodland development